Technicist Coat Matt-01
  • Technicist Coat Matt-01

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    • As a badminton-only coat mat, the surface is sand-patterned , which increases the frictional force of the mat, and is excellent in decomposing sweat marks .
    • It has an anti-stabilized by increasing the inner cushion layer apseong, resilient retention bet weather resistance.
    • standard

      <1Set size> 7.2m(W) X 15m(L)

      <1Roll standard> 6mm(T) X 1.6mm(W) X 15m(L)

      5.5mm(T) X 1.6mm(W) X 15m(L)

      5mm(T) X 1.6mm(W) X 15m(L)

      4.5mm(T) X 1.6mm(W) X 15m(L)